Criteria For Becoming a Freemason in Oregon

1. Belief in a Supreme Being
2. Male over the age of 18 years and of good reputation
3. Has the ability to support oneself and his dependents
4. Of your own free will and without malicious intent

The lessons of Freemasonry change a person from the inside out, teaching its members to work for the benefit of their Country, Community, Family and Friends. Freemasonry is not political or a religion, but it does require its Brethren to believe in God.

The lessons of the Craft are symbolic in nature and require that its students apply the wisdom dealt to them like the tools of those great Temple Builders throughout the ages. Using the tools of the Craft, a Brother is able to have a more positive affect on the world around them and has the opportunity to connect with others of like mind all around the known world.

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